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Smokey is a Golden-hearted dog that originally arrived at Golden Gateway from Puerto Rico and returned after his adoptive home did not work out. This 4-year-old guy is timid and skittish with new people, and fast movement or loud noises cause him to dart. He needs a calm environment. Smokey was not socialized as a puppy, and he is particularly scared of men. He’s far better when he gets to know you, and then he loves gentle petting and attention. It seems he would benefit from a mentor dog, but that will have to be a careful match. Smokey is an endearing guy with the best head tilt when he’s listening that makes you just smile. It will take time and patience for him to develop trust and gain confidence.

NOTE: A portion of Smokey’s adoption fee has been underwritten by a generous supporter, and his Behavior Assessment has been updated.

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Smokey #3