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Available Dog

Shane #6 is a Goldendoodle that arrived at Golden Gateway from a puppy mill. This 7-month-old will need to go to a home with a mentor dog since he’s still a bit skittish around people, which is typical for dogs that arrive from mills. He has plenty of energy and loves to play, so a mentor dog that also likes to play will be ideal. As he’s starting to adjust to people and come out of his shell, we’re seeing the typical silly Doodle personality in him. Shane needs a patient adopter who can help him build confidence when interacting with people. Recently Shane did get groomed, so we’ll be updating his photos soon! Check out the photos of Heather giving him a quick haircut!

Visit our Adoption Section to learn how to adopt a DVGRR dog. To better understand our adoption fee, visit our “Top Quality Care” page. Learn more about Doodles.

Shane #6