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Stogie and Ridley (formerly Rex and Rollo) are a pair of Golden-hearted dogs that were returned to DVGRR when their owner died. The originally arrived from Puerto Rico and were adopted in 2016. They are the sweetest pair, having spent their entire lives together, and are almost identical. Stogie is a friendly boy that needs to lose some weight. Ridley has some liver issues (is on denamarin) and will bark at strangers, but once she gets to know you, she’s very affectionate. Stogie tends to be the more dominant of the two, but they love to play with each other and have good obedience skills.

NOTE: A portion of their adoption fee has been underwritten by a generous supporter.


Visit our Adoption Section to learn how to adopt a DVGRR dog. To better understand our adoption fee, visit our “Top Quality Care” page.

Stogie and Ridley