Continuing The Journey


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Our 38 page DVGRR exclusive copyrighted booklet to help guide adopters of unsocialized and fearful dogs from puppy mills, hoarders and meat farms.  Written by DVGRR’s own Heather Hatt, Manager of the Lynne Glennon Sanctuary and Lisa Jagielski, Intake & Volunteer Manager and Trainer.  This booklet covers topics such as why these dogs need special help.  We talk about how to help them by using a mentor dog, how to help them increase their confidence, how to keep them happy and safe and how to teach them to live in a home as a member of the family.  We also discuss some of the challenges adopters may face and how to overcome them.  Things like going in and out doorways, walking on leash, house training and going up and down stairs.  DVGRR Kennel Caregiver Cory Blair also wrote a section on Shy Dogs and Men.  Also included are a list of references we find useful.

This booklet ships free and the sale of the booklet will continue to help more dogs in our care.



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