Golden Retriever with Sunglasses Decal


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Golden Retriever With Sunglasses Decal

Fantastic 5″ Vinyl Decal with Metallic Silver Glass Accent. Clean look with a fun ‘pop’ that sets you apart from the rest! Paw-sably the best decal ever.

Can be applied to most smooth, clean, nonporous surfaces – windows, cars, lockers, laptops, ipads, tablets, etc.  Decal is removable, but cannot be reused.

Installation instructions:

  1. Make sure that the surface is clean.  Windex usually does the trick, but let it dry.  Surface should be 40 degrees or above.
  2. Lay the decal flat and take a hard item like a credit card and rub it over the surface of the decal to make sure it firmly sticks to the transfer paper (clear sticky paper on the front).
  3. Flip it over and slowly start to peal off the blue/white backing.  If any part of the decal is not sticking to the clear transfer paper, rub it more with the credit card.
  4. Once the decal is on the transfer paper place it carefully on the item you want it to adhere to making sure there are no bubbles.  IT CANNOT BE REPOSITIONED!
  5. Press down with a firm edge like a credit card to smooth out and make sure it is stuck to the item.
  6. Peel the clear transfer paper back very slowly


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