HH Swan Black


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Sizzly, splashy, swanky for sure! Our limited edition Swanky Swan Knotties® are the  definition of style, embellished with luxurious gold from the bottom of their posh feet to the tip of their luxurious gold crowns. Outfitted in contrasting plush swan-lake
ballerina tutus made of softest velveteen, and long swan necks and bodies wrapped in plush corduroy.

Our original design—a friend for your best friend!
Hugglehounds® Knotties® are the original knotted, plush dog toy! Knotties® are the most durable plush dog toys available for dogs and puppies. All Knotties® are made with exclusive Tuffut Technology®, a durable three-layer lining on the inside that stays soft and cuddly on the outside.