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Giving it a twist! Colorful classics like red and green cheerfully spun their way into our most popular dog toys and inspired innovation for new seasonal favorites like our Fire Biterz Candy Cane.

  • SWEET BUT STRONG: Don’t let this candy cane fool you! This holiday dog toy is great for tough chewers and is made with our Chew Shield backing and bonding to create a powerful protective chew shield for your pup.
  • 3 SQUEAKERS: Filled with 3 durable squeakers, this candy cane dog toy helps keep your dog engaged every time they squeak and shake this toy.
  • TOUGH FOR TUGGING: Dogs don’t just like to play, they like to play with us! That’s why we made our Fire Biterz Candy Cane with a durable handle great for games of tug with you and your pup!
  • Made From Durable Fire Hose Material For Long-Lasting Fun
  • 18.5″L x 7.75″W x 1″H