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Stella’s Story: Chance To The Rescue!

Chance, the charming golden retriever from Chance’s Tale: How I Became A Therapy Dog, is back to tell the story of another dog you will love -Stella, who lived in a Pennsylvania “puppy mill”- until a rescue group saved her (DVGRR), and she was adopted by Chance and his family. Based on a true story, it is an inspiring tale of how a rough start in life can change with the love and patience of those who care. 6×9 in., 44 Pages, Color, 60# White Paper, Paperback, Glossy Cover, Ages 4-10. Author Deborah Deeken graciously donated books to DVGRR for us to sell to raise funds for the DVGRR dogs.   We are sure you will love reading about Stella and Chance.


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