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Problems with Peanut Butter

By Marie Redcay, Veterinary Assistant

Peanut butter – it’s a treat dogs love, and at Golden Gateway, we stuff Kongs® with peanut butter or make peanut butter biscuits that dogs get as a naptime or bedtime snack. Perhaps your dog also gets peanut butter in some form or another. However, peanut butter can be deadly for your dog… even deadlier than chocolate.

The problem isn’t the peanut butter. Instead, the problem is the xylitol that may be in the peanut butter. Xylitol is an alternative to traditional sugar that can be extracted from woody fibrous plant material like corn cobs or trees. It’s naturally occurring in our bodies as well. In its pure form, it is a crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar. For humans, it’s a safe sugar substitute. For dogs, however, it is extremely toxic!

Peanut Butter