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We developed the Project Home Life program in 2009 to help puppy mill survivors transition from life in a kennel to life in a normal home. Now we have the opportunity to help even more of these dogs, and together, with your support, we can make an even bigger difference!

More and more dogs are arriving at Golden Gateway from puppy mills and farm/backyard breeders. While that’s good news, it has put a strain on our resources. The Lynne Glennon Sanctuary for Senior Goldens and Puppy Mill Survivors is running at full capacity, and dogs that would benefit from Project Home Life (PHL) remain in the main kennel.

We have developed a building expansion plan that allows us to create more space for group living arrangements and the PHL program. Such living arrangements have proven to be very effective in helping socialize these dogs, improving their adoptability, and placing them into loving homes sooner.

This expansion will also increase volunteer opportunities to work directly with dogs. Expanding on-site, as opposed to using foster homes, allows for consistent training and oversight — so important to these dogs!

Additional space will also improve the area for adoption meetings and replace the office trailer and storage sheds, all of which are deteriorating beyond repair.

Please help us enable even more puppy mill survivors to have the chance to live the life every dog should! Your donation to this important expansion will make a world of difference, and every dollar counts.

*Should the donations toward this campaign exceed the expenses needed, the remainder of the funds will be used toward general operating expense.