* Tennis Ball Challenge 2- (Non-Taxable donation)


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Purchase a numbered Tennis Ball for $20.00 a ball to win this prize.  We will email you your Tennis Ball number(s).  The winner will be chosen during our Facebook Live segment on Friday, June 11th at 10:00am.  We will notify the winner via email if you are unable to watch!  Only 30 balls (numbered from 31-60) will be sold for this grand prize for Tennis Ball Challenge #2.

Package #2

SlyFox Brewing Company was very gracious and donated this Logo Growler that includes a Gift Certificate for a growler filling, and a $15.00 Gift Card.  You can fill your growler and use the gift card at any of the 5 SlyFox locations.  We added in some more items just for Dad and his best furry friend! A genuine leather wallet with a pewter golden retriever silhouette emblem. A “Dog Dad” magnet, “Rescue Dad” beanie hat, and a wooden sign for any beer lover, “In Dog Beers, I’ve Only Had One”.  This set of freeze pint glasses will keep your beer ice cold all summer.  We didn’t forget your pup, they will enjoy the frothy beer stuffed dog toy, a yummy stuffed burger and plenty of Scooby Snacks!  We think all dads deserve a chance to win thousands so we included $20.00 in scratch off Pa Lottery tickets!