* Tennis Ball Challenge 3- (Non-Taxable donation)


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Purchase a numbered Tennis Ball for $20.00 a ball to win this prize.  We will email you your Tennis Ball number(s).  The winner will be chosen during our Facebook Live segment on Friday, June 11th at 10:00am.  We will notify the winner via email if you are unable to watch!  Only 30 balls (numbered from 61-90) will be sold for this grand prize for Tennis Ball Challenge #3.

Package #3 Bourbon or Whiskey?

As the magnet states, “Life is Full of Difficult Decisions” and deciding between Bourbon and Whiskey is one of those tough decisions so we included a little of both. Olivina Men’s shaving set includes shave cream, shave soap, and aftershave all in a Bourbon Cedar scent.  You can wear your Bourbon drinking socks and use the Whisky freeze cooling cups while sipping on either choice.  We figured your pup would like the “Bad Spaniels, Old #2” squeaker toy the best.  We included a genuine leather wallet with a pewter golden retriever silhouette emblem. Hopefully you will be able to stuff the wallet full of cash after you scratch off the $20.00 in PA Lottery tickets.  After a night of sipping the good stuff, you can get yourself a cup of coffee at Starbucks with your $25.00 gift card.  Then it’s time to do some handyman chores around the house with this leather 20 piece tool set.


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